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Mazurka for a Slave


Lying on the bed in twilight sleep dreaming
Of grass and trees and the sun
And birds calling, calling, calling
Now suddenly awakened to the darkness
And the alarm clock shreiking shreiking shreiking

Hand shoots out by reflex and slams down hard
On the alarm clock silence
Silence and a groan like a sigh.
Man and wife roll apart from the bed
And begin the morning run, run, run
Of shoowers, shave, breakfast

Drive kids to school, walk dog on a leash and off to work
Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy,
A litany like a sigh like a moan.
And the boss who is glaring and the customers staring
And always comparing
To that perfect couple on T.V.

Strive strive strive
Like a machine, not a man
And strain to buy those shoes
The kids hafta have.
And buy more memroy
For a machine that gets used once a month.

At the end of the day
Collapse into bed roll over to
Kiss the wife and snore.
And dream of grass and trees and sun and birds
Calling calling calling
No one hears.